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The Internet carries particular risks of crime, and police departments are constantly investigating Internet activity for potential crimes. These can include fraud, criminal defamation and possession of child pornography, among many other types of crimes which may have an impact on your future.

At Wintering Law Office, Ltd., we have the technological knowledge needed to handle criminal charges that stem from alleged Internet crimes. Attorney Michael Walters understands all the laws that apply in Internet crime cases. He understands the emotions and questions that accompany criminal charges. Knowing this, he takes the time to thoroughly explain a client’s situation, options and potential outcomes while alleviating their concerns and answering questions.

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Police and the Internet

The Internet changes the way police do business. Even if you are not suspected of one of the Internet-specific crimes above, police may investigate your computer. Frequently, police search computers or phones for incriminating evidence. When police conduct online investigation, it may raise unique constitutional questions, and it is important to consult a knowledgeable lawyer.

Penalties for Internet Crimes

The penalties for these crimes can vary, but they generally tend to be more serious than ordinary crimes. They are often felonies that can lead to prison terms. And in the case of child pornography, those convicted can be required to register as sex offenders.

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