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You have a number of rights in any criminal case, and they begin as soon as you first meet the police. These rights include the right to remain silent and the right to say you will not consent to a search. If police violate these rights, it could provide a defense in your case.

At Walters & Wintering, Ltd., attorney Michael Walters leads our firm in providing aggressive and skilled criminal defense representation to clients in Rochester, Olmsted County and throughout the surrounding communities. He is exceptionally knowledgeable of the criminal laws in Minnesota and how the criminal justice system works. Attorney Walters is very thorough with each and every case, walking clients through the process, which goes beyond merely appearing in court.

Attorney Michael Walters is available 24/7 to discuss your case. Call (507) 281-5872 for a free evaluation or contact our firm online.

Only a lawyer can tell you if police violated your rights, and you should take your questions to a lawyer at the soonest opportunity. If police have violated your rights, it could mean that evidence will be suppressed or charges dismissed. A good attorney will consider how these facts affect your goals and the result you want to get out of the case.

Our firm offers its highly skilled representation to clients facing a wide range of criminal defense challenges, including:

Our Approach in Criminal Cases

  • Know the client. A good attorney takes the time to thoroughly get to know his client before the case begins. Only when we know your goals can we help achieve your result.
  • Know the facts. A good lawyer should pore over every police report and witness statement in your case. The police officer’s description of the arrest or accusations can reveal potential defenses, and we will diligently look for them.
  • Know the law. Every defense needs a solid legal backbone. Thorough research might reveal a previous case like yours. A defense is only as good as its knowledge of the law.
  • Discuss strategy. We take care of the legal tactics, but the major decisions must come down to the client. Only you can decide if you’re willing to plead guilty or take a deal. Only you can decide whether to go to trial. We will discuss these options with you and aggressively fight for whichever decision you make.
  • Fighting the case. After intense preparation it’s time to fight the case. Whether the case ends in a trial or a settlement, the goal is always the same: the best possible result for you.

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