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Juvenile Delinquency in Minnesota

Though similar in some ways, juvenile delinquency and criminal law are very different animals. We make it a public policy goal to ‘punish’ criminals, but to ‘help and rehabilitate’ juvenile offenders. For that reason, juvenile court has different rules.

Trying Kids as Adults and Extended Jurisdiction Juveniles

Where an alleged child offender is almost eighteen or where his crime is especially serious, the State may want to take him out of traditional juvenile court and try him as an adult. The child is entitled to a hearing to contest this, essentially arguing, “Even if I were guilty, it would not be fair to call me a grown up.”

The State also has an intermediate option, Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction (EJJ). This allows the Court to keep the child in the juvenile probation system until their twenty-first birthday. This may include sentencing the child to time at a juvenile detention facility.

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