Rochester MN Parenting Time Attorney

One of the most contentious aspects of divorce is typically child-related issues. Coming to agreement on child custody and visitation can cause an otherwise agreeable divorce to grind to a halt. The courts recognize the challenge that these issues present and created parent time expediting as a means of giving greater momentum toward the creation of solutions.

At Walters & Wintering, our Rochester parenting time attorney knows how important it is for parents to preserve their relationships with their children after a divorce. We understand that goal and will work to ensure that an effective resolution is reached that still respects the importance of the parent/child relationship.

Court-Appointed Mediators Helping Build Solutions

Parenting Time Expeditors are court-appointed to address parenting time issues in a less contentious setting. The goal of Parenting Time Expediting is to reach a fair decision that is based on the facts of your family’s situation. The expeditor meets with both parties and tries to help them reach an agreement. Attorney Wintering can act as a Parenting Time Expeditor if your divorce is failing to progress due to a lack of agreement on child custody and visitation.

A Parenting Time Expeditor will start by attempting to mediate your situation. If that fails to create an agreement, the expeditor’s role will switch to that of arbitrator. As an arbitrator, the expeditor will make a decision on the matter, and that decision will become the law in the case unless it is taken back to district court for review.

Olmsted County Visitation Rights Attorney

For effective and compassionate guidance when you are unable to establish a parenting time agreement with your children’s other parent, turn to Walters & Wintering, Ltd. Our Minnesota family lawyer can help you create a future that will work for you. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 507-281-5857 or simply contact us online. We accept credit cards for our clients’ convenience.