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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a process in which disputes are resolved by encouraging couples to reach decisions themselves, giving them the tools to reach those decisions. It also keeps more of the decision-making power in your divorce in your hands and out of the court’s hands. We use mediation techniques to help divorcing couples in a number of ways.

Utilizing ADR as part of your divorce or family law matter can help bring about real solutions that are functional and are more likely to meet the needs of the involved parties.

At Walters & Wintering, our Rochester alternative dispute resolution attorney has been helping individuals and families successfully deal with their family law challenges through mediation for more than 20 years. We have employed mediation in a variety of settings, including:

  • Mediation can be used before or during a divorce. If your divorce is currently at an impasse and is not moving forward, mediation can be a tool to help the parties feel that their concerns are being heard and validated. Used before a divorce, mediation can help the parties understand what issues are going to be the source of friction and which may have common ground. Following a divorce, mediation can be a useful tool for resolving difficult issues without having to resort to the courts again.
  • Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a third party neutral conducts a process that is similar to a mini-trial. The arbitrator is able to actively pursue relevant information in order to reach a resolution.
  • Early neutral evaluation, is a process in which two evaluators come in and perform an analysis of how the divorce is likely to come out. This is in place of an expensive full-blown custody study. It can help you see how things are likely to be resolved. Having that knowledge often helps divorcing couples reach decisions with less acrimony.
  • Parenting time expediting is a process in which two parties who cannot agree on visitation issues agree to allow the court to appoint an expediter. Expeditors are trained mediators whose goals are to create agreements on visitation. Parenting time expeditors can gather information from a variety of sources to help create an agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, the expeditor will assume the role of arbitrator and make a decision on parenting time which benefits the children.
  • A Parenting Consultant can be appointed by the Court under the terms of a contract agreed upon by the parents to deal with issues as agreed by the parents such as school placement of the children, changes in custody and services needed by a child when the parent are unable to agree. These decisions can then be made swiftly without the need to wait for Court intervention.

Our family law attorney can act as your attorney in going through these processes or act as your neutral mediator, evaluator, expediter or parenting consultant.

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