Rochester MN Arbitration Attorney

When disputes or any other civil or family law challenges are proving difficult to resolve, arbitration offers the opportunity for the construction of a real resolution. Arbitration offers a number of advantages over other forms of conflict resolution such as litigation or mediation, including:

  • Decisions can be binding
  • Much quicker timeline than court
  • Lower costs than a full court battle

At Wintering Law Office, Ltd., our Rochester arbitrator has been practicing for more than 40 years, with more than 30 of those years focused on alternative dispute resolution techniques such as arbitration. We have a track record of success for our family law clients. We are also able to arbitrate any matter of civil dispute.

Arbitration Can Help You Secure Effective and Efficient Resolutions to the Most Challenging Matters

In arbitration, the parties meet with a neutral third party who will hear each side of the story. The arbitrator is not a passive participant. Our role will be to hold what is effectively a mini-trial. We will work to uncover the relevant facts and issues of your dispute. We will then weigh those facts in light of the applicable law and render a decision. It can be decided at the outset whether to have the parties bound by that decision or to have the decision of the arbitrator considered simply as advisory.

Olmsted County Amicable Divorce Mediator

For effective and compassionate guidance when you are facing a dispute, from divorce to custody agreements, turn to Wintering Law office, Ltd. Our Minnesota ADR Neutral can help you create a future that will work for you. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 507-281-5857 or simply contact us online. We accept credit cards for our clients’ convenience.